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Northgate’s Mini Bible School

Northgate’s Mini Bible School

time 7:30 pm

Every Wednesday from

June 7, 2017


June 28, 2017

Wednesday’s through the month of June are set aside for our mini Bible School starting on the 7th, where we are encouraging those that attend Northgate to sign up to one of our classes. This is “back by popular demand” and highly recommended.

Basic Māori illustrated from John’s Gospel ch.1 (Kemp Pallesen)
By the end of this short course you should be able to:
 pronounce Māori without anxiety
 know something of the way Māori is put together
 recite a verse from the lovely Māori version of John ch.1
 know a useful Māori proverb

Title: The Old Testament through Middle Eastern eyes (Peter Cowie)
The message of the Bible is timeless, but it is also very much grounded in history, geography and culture. The Old Testament in particular is rooted in a distant time and place. As a twenty first century reader we often miss important details. It is like we are watching black and white TV. We know what’s going on, but it lacks the vividness of colour TV. This course is designed to switch on the colour and allow you to discover the vividness of the Old Testament as we examine key Old Testament passages through Middle Eastern eyes.
Session 1: The significance and impact of the land
Session 2: Expressions of worship in another time and place
Session 3: Hope in the midst of despair
Session 4: The power of stories to communicate faith

Title: Jeremiah – Cool Jerry (Morris Broadbent)
Jeremiah was called-by God at 21, called-out the sin of people of Judah for 40 years, and called-in 100% correct with his prophesies. In the cauldron of the sin and idolatry of his society, he is Cool Jerry with a Hot-as-Hell Message.

Title: Interaction of the Gospel & Culture (Daniel Buchanan)
A walk through 2000 years of history looking at culture, and how the Gospel, first Jesus himself and then the church has interacted with culture, been changed by and changed the culture itself.

Title: Gospel of Mark (Rob Gray – Hillcrest Chapel)
The Gospel of Mark contains 4 strong and
overlapping themes that act as interpretive
keys. These are the kingdom of God, the
authority of Christ, Christ as Son of Man and a
new vision for humanity. Learn how it all fits
together, and changes us in Mark’s account of

Starts each night at 7.30pm
Register today – registration forms are on foyer table for you to
do this (Choose one topic for the 4 weeks)
$5.00 only per person for whole course
To book send an e-mail to admin@northgatecc.org.nz