G  O  I  N  G    D  E  E  P  E  R    T  O    R  E  A  C  H    F  U  R  T  H E  R

Services 10:00 am

Welcome to Northgate!

Whether you're new to church or have been part of one for many years, we're glad you found us.

Our vision is to create a church which encourages greater intimacy with God, deeper 
relationships with fellow believers and equips people to bring a message of hope and transformation to their community.  

Our Sunday services start at 10am, last about 80 minutes.

They include live music and teaching. 

Our Sunday services are available on demand from 4.00 pm Monday.

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The best is yet to come!

If you're thinking you have seen it all, you might find out there is much more to discover. Find out what it is while enjoying great friendship, a delicious café and fun activities.

Man Cave-Toolbox

Have some fun together, make connections and share experiences.
Mancave-Toolbox will happen 2nd Friday of each month at Northgate.
Starts on 
8th of March, 7pm

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Tithes and Giving

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