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Come join us - This Sunday 9am for our first service or arrive for morning tea at 10:15am and then we go into our second service at 11am.

We are a Community who firmly believes in Gods Word. Come journey with us.

Thank you for coming on our site. If what you see encourages you in your life’s journey, come along, we would love to meet you and know you will get a warm welcome.

Our focus is on becoming more like Jesus in the way we live, and embracing the work Jesus began, when He was on earth. If you would like to join us; the more hands and feet the better.

We encourage every believer to consider both the “greatest commandment” and the “great commission” that we have been given as Gods sons and daughters. That is encapsulated in our Mission to “Impact our communities for Jesus Christ by loving people to faith”. Therefore everyone who calls Northgate their home is encouraged to give consideration to these four areas… Reach – Teach – Tend and Send. Each of these areas relate back to the command to “Love” and the commission to “Go” and when these areas are in operation, communities are impacted.

Please take the time to surf our site.

We are looking forward to meeting you in person. We will hopefully see you this Sunday.

Paul and Lynda Collins

2020 Vision Dinner for Northgaters – 5pm

February 29, 2020 5:00 pm

A time of inspiration awaits... If you attend Northgate then please prioritise this night and put it in your calendars now. Bring a plate of food to share as we meet for dinner at 5pm at Northgate. Bring your kids as it will be a night for the whole family. How will we "Impact people for Jesus Christ" through the REACH - TEACH - TEND - SEND aspects of our mission and how can we "love people to faith" Big questions that deserve a big answer so come and be inspired by how big our God is!!! We will see you there.

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